Squadlist - Sudbury Rowing Club


Our cookies

We use a cookie to control access to the system; this cookie is only shared with your club's copy of Squadlist.

Third party cookies

We use Google Analytics to monitor usage of the system. Google set their own cookies to facilitate the analytics service.

We pass the name of the club to Google Analytics for each page view. This is to allow us to identify active and inactive copies of the system.

Use of personally identifiable information

This system is intended to assist in the facilitation of a team activity; some personally identifiable information is required. Personally identifiable information is requested from members for the reasons detailed below. This information may be shared with other members of your club.

First and last and known as names

Used to identify members to other members of the same club.

Email address

Used to provide other club members, such as coaches and squad members with a means to contact this member. Shared within your club. May be visible to your coaches and other club members. Used to send password resets and other user requested communications. Squadlist will only send email to a member's email address in response to a direct request from that member (for example a member requesting a password reset email). Delivering an email to a member may require that member's email address to be past to a third party email service.

Phone numbers
This optional information is only shared within your club and is intended to facilitate communication between members.
Date of birth, gender and weight

The rules of racing for your governing body may require competitors to be classified by age, gender or weight.

This (optional) information allows members to be correctly classified as per a governing bodies rules of racing. This information may be made visible to other members of your club (such as coaches) to facilitate this classification.

Data retention

We try not to accumulate data which is no longer of use or relevant.

If a copy of the system is been inactive for more than 6 months, that copy and all of the member data contained within it is automatically deleted. Inactive is taken to mean no member sign ins during the last 6 months and no pending outings.

Members availability for a given outing is automatically deleted 1 month after the date of the outing.

If deletion of a member is requested (such as by pressing the delete member link on the admin page) then that member's data is immediately removed from the database.